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improve my health!"
America's CounselingLine is an online Professional Christian Counseling
Ministry; a Mental Health Chaplaincy, that publishes Christian Counseling and
Education Assessments, and Develops Comprehensive Treatment Plans for
Pastors, Christian Educators to reach the Body of Christ in a Pastoral
Counseling setting.  The Biblical and Clinical Treatment plans get to the heart
and soul of the matter, helping Pastors, Educators more effectively make
Disciples of Jesus Christ.  

The goal is leading others closer to Christ, advancing salvation, healing,
health, deliverance, and prosperity.  The Administrator, Rev. JW Roberts, MA,
MA, BS has over 25 years of Ministry, Counseling, and Corporate experience.  

Are you happy with your spiritual, mental, physical, or financial health?
We promote Clinical and Biblical Therapeutic models for:

Corporate Health
Family Health
Mental Health
Physical Health
Spiritual Health
Financial Health
Home Health
Relationship Health
Career Health
Marital Health

America's CounselingLine  is a Professional, Clinical, Biblical, Christian Ministry
of Health and Healing.

We provide and promote Seasoned, Clinical, Biblical, Counseling and Therapy
through a phone call, text, or email, or Video Chat using
Facebook.  Our
services are valued at $120 per hour.  However, since we are a Christian
ministry we work on an Offering basis, because we care!

Please use the Paypal Shopping Cart below (note the down arrow to choose
an Offering Option) to make an Offering to this ministry.  Please make an
Offering every time you use the service.  Or make a significant Offering that
covers future sessions.  

America's CounselingLine is a nationwide, worldwide Professional Christian
Counseling service that promotes Therapy through Tele-Conferencing, Video

Are your employees productive and healthy?  Is your family functioning in a
positive, healthy way?  

It is time to improve your health!
  Call the Counselingline at:  918-206-5086 for
insight, hope, options, counseling, and referral.

We are Biblical and Clinical professionals promoting excellent health through
Assessment, Training, Education, Therapy, Nutrition, Fitness, Counseling, and Medical

Your life, business, church, marriage and family can be improved through our: Intake,
Assessment, Comprehensive Treatment Plans and Training.

Individual and Family Therapy
Corporate Health and Wellness.  Mobile Pain Therapy.
Corporate Chaplaincy
Professional Christian Counseling
Health, Wellness, Fitness Training
Youth Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Smoothies
Fruit and Vegetable Water
Medical Doctoral Referral
Education Training Program.

Legal Information:

1. When you call, or contact America's CounselingLine you are giving your Informed
Consent to being helped by a Master's Level Clergy, Christian Counselor, Clinical
Pastoral Counselor, or Chaplain.  Rev. JW Roberts, MA, MA, BS is the Administrator,
and he is the Therapist you will be working with.  Mr. Roberts has two Master's degrees
from the Seminary, From Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology and
Missions.  His degrees are: Master of Arts, Christian Counseling (ORU 1994).  And,
Master of Arts, Substance Abuse Counseling (May 1996).   And He has significant
In-patient hospital, out-patient Community Mental Health experience.  

2. If you disclose the means and Intent to harm yourself or another.  This Agency has
the legal obligation to report it to authorities.  However, we ask that you report the
incident(s) yourself.

3.  This service is NOT for emergency, or Crisis Counseling.  If it is an emergency, call
911 first then call the CounselingLine.

4.  Other reportable situations exist such as Elder Abuse, Child Abuse.

5. By the nature of Internet and TeleCommunications Confidentiality may be, or is

Therapy begins by Assessment, and developing a Comprehensive Treatment
Plan.  What are your goals for improvement, Therapy?

Champ 3.1
2.  Christian Marital Harmony Assessment
3.  The Church Growth Assessment
4.  The Business Growth Assessment
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Video Counseling through Facebook.
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"Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless
the Lord, O my soul, And
forget not all HIS BENEFITS: Who forgives all your
iniquities, Who heals all your diseases (Psalm 103:1-3)."   "The
Counsel of the
stands forever, The plans of His heart to all generations (Psalm 33:11)."
Rev. JW Roberts, MA, MA, BS
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